Wednesday, November 26, 2008

harvest day 3

pickled cabbage / red cabbage / dry thyme and dill (varza acra / varza rosie / cimbru si marar)

a little bit of everything

sweet peppers (in romanian "ardei grasi"=fat peppers)

roots (radacinoase)

lettuce and herbs with peppers (salata verde , leustean , patrunjel)
yes i know that everybody can recognize veggies but me , i like all the colors and shapes and when i see so many i have to call the names , it's like "wow!" ... hehehe


ByLaura said...

Constructed good your blog. It looks at my blog and comment on me. Bye

Jackie said...

These are great pictures. I loved the big market in Sibiu - pictures to appear on my blog at some point! The colours and smells and sounds of these markets are just great.