Wednesday, October 31, 2007

memories of a long summer

these are my shells
i have them from the beaches of singapore , bali and desaru
the summer is long gone ... now it's cold and sad
the memories are starting to fade away
memories of last summer
i could say that i had a very long summer , from april 2005 until september 2007 because i lived in singapore for two years ... i'm still living in the past now and trying to get along , again , with my city . i left a lot of my heart in singapore ... and it's very hard now to get back to the things that i used to do ...
shells ... empty shells

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i live in this building
i have a small (or is it normal ?) but nice apartment redecorated by myself . it's quiet and cozy but i don't have much of a view . so , if i want to see the city i have to get out of it . and if i want to do this blog i will really have to get out often ant take the camera with me
welcome to my blog
welcome to brasov